Very Kind Reviews

Some very kind people have written about depression comix:

2011-11-18 "A Face for Depression"

2012-03-18 TL-DR A Review a Day - Depression Comix

2012-06-25 "Depressed, expressed"

Articles Strips Have Been Used In

Some writers have asked me permission to use a depression comix strip in their article:

2012-03-10 "Depressao na vida adulta" by Carla Ribeiro (in Portuguese; used #9, also in Portuguese)

2012-03-19 "Impostor Syndrome" by DeeDee (Used #10)

2012-04-25 "How I Cured My Impostor Syndrome" by Jacquelyn Gill (Used #10)

2012-07-16 "Depression, Imposter Syndrome, and the Importance of Being Wrong" by Invader Xan (Used Illustration #2 “Lost”)

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