Other Depression-based Comics & Games

This is a short list of other comics and games that describe the experience of depression.  If you have any to add, please e-mail me (depressioncomix at the server gmail.com)

Comics - Autobigraphical Type

Many comic artists will use the comic medium to depict their own struggles with depression and other mental health issues, and tell their own story.

The Adventures in Depression posts at Hyperbole and a Half, by Allie Brosh. Allie details her experience with depression from her point of view using a combination of pictures and words. Sometimes depression doesn’t need a reason to destroy your life. (thanks cloneboy and kitudjamerre)

I Do Not Have an Eating Disorder (by Khale M. Hurst) is an incredibly beautiful and painfully honest portrayal of a personal struggle with anorexia. There is also much to do with depression and self-harm issues as well.

Look Straight Ahead (by Elaine M. Will) is a beautifully illustrated account of depression and mental breakdown well worth reading. The first two issues were nominated for the Gene Day Award for Canadian self-published comics.

The Girl With Uneven Socks (bu Hongmiao Shi) is an autobiographical account of self-harm, intended to raise awareness of the subject.

Comics - Generalized Type

These may not be personal or autobiographical. They are usually about a greater variety of topics with which depression is one of them.

Virus Comix by Winston Rowntree includes a strip called the inner dark which personificates depression’s voice. (thanks Winston)

Akimbo by B. Patrick, has a wonderful comic comparing the state of depression to that of a physical wound and his friends’ attempts to explain it away. (thanks Winston)

Don Depresso is a comedy strip by Ruji Chapnik about a freelance writer who “suffers from (and sometimes enjoys) Bipolar II”.

Vague Notions is also a comedy strip that describes living with depression and anxiety, both personified. By Keer, also a Canadian.


These are games that attempt to simulate the experience of depression.

Depression Quest is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style game in which “you are given a series of everyday life events and have to manage your illness, relationships, job, and possible treatment.” You can play for free or give a donation. (thanks ChopLogic and notcoolenoughformusic)

Actual Sunlight is an RPG style game about depression and suicide. Unlike most games with which you interact with your world, you find yourself increasingly isolated and your choices limited. Builds are available for download. (thanks Alex Kramer)

Elude is a game designed to “enhance friends’ and relatives’ understanding of people suffering from depression about what their loved ones are going through.” A Prototype is currently available to play and requires Flash.

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