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Wow, I did 100 of these.

When I first started, it was because I was having a bad day. It was pretty much as seen in the third strip, the depression clouding my thoughts, my vision, like being in a smoke filled room where all sound was garbled, and I was unable to think clearly… my mind filling with panic and I felt everything slipping from me.

Then, it struck me: I have to find a way to draw this.

The next day at a Starbucks, I pulled out a sketchbook, a thick brush pen, did a couple of quick sketches to figure out what the characters should look like. That afternoon I had finished the first two strips, and the following morning it was uploaded. That’s the kind of lack of planning that went into it.

I didn’t think much about it at first, because I wasn’t sure anyone would like it. I hadn’t done anything other than comedy strips since 1999, and I thought everyone expected me to continue. But depression comix became something more special to me as I realized that I wasn’t alone, that other people were like me and were also afraid to talk about what was going on in their heads.

Over six thousand followers later, I know we are not alone. This is not cause for joy. A huge part of me wants me to be the only one who feels this way because to live with depression really is horrible. But I’m not alone, and I’m greatly saddened by this. The mail, asks, and comments I’ve received are incredibly heartbreaking, and they make my own position feel insignificant in comparison. But please keep them coming. I am here to listen.

In the new year, depression comix will begin with Volume Two. Many of the strips in Volume Two will have a slightly different format than Volume One so that I can depict ideas that are difficult to fit in a four panel format. The nameless characters will remain, and more will be introduced. This comic has to continue… the more I draw about this subject the more I realize its depth.

Thank you very much for reading this far. Thank you for liking, reblogging, and following the comics. Thank you for your comments, your mails, your asks, and your generous PayPal donations. I am truly humbled by your support, and it continues to amaze me.

A special thank you goes to Josh Lesnick, who pretty much inspired me to do comics on Tumblr and eventually depression comix. Also, all the followers of the Thin H Line whose initial support was key. And I should thank Vanessa who posted a number of these strips on #comics and increased its exposure, and intervital who suggested disqus and wordpress.

See you in the new year. And please take care. Let’s get through this together.