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depression comix are simply a graphical representation of how depression feels from a personal perspective.  Not all comics are meant to apply to everyone; everyone’s experience is different.

This is a PG rated comic (with occasional language).  Please feel free to follow, reblog, and link. Please don’t hesitate to reply and share your own feelings as well, especially in your comments if you decide to reblog. All comments keep the dialogue moving and this is more important than anything else. Private comments in my mailbox are always appreciated.

This comic is done with a brush pen to keep it quick and cartoon-like with little detail. Coloring is done with Copic markers. Besides the scanning process, no computer manipulation is done on the comics.

CONTACT: Tumblr users can use the Ask link, others can E-mail me at depressioncomix at All correspondence with personal detail will be held confidential, general questions that may interest other readers will be posted on the site. If you do not want your question to appear on the site, please let me know.

FOLLOW: There are a number of ways to follow depression comix if tumblr is not to your liking:

1) Facebook

2) Wordpress

3) Google+

4) Twitter: @depressioncomix .

There are RSS feeds for Tumblr and Wordpress feeds. Also, the Tumblr is always updated first.

DONATE:  This comic is done for free, however, please consider a tip. Tips can be made to depressioncomix at through PayPal. Thank you very much in advance, and please let me know if it’s okay to thank you publicly.

ON ADVICE: Please don’t message if you are looking to get or give advice on depression — this comic is not about giving advice. Everyone’s situation is different, and I respect that what helps one person may not help another (or even make things worse). Please refer to a professional (clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, councilor, etc.) for any advice regarding depression.

DISCLAIMER: This comic is not meant to glorify, justify, or diagnose depression. It is simply one person’s artistic perspective.

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